# :horse: markdown.horse :horse: **_Write markdown files, serve them as HTML._** Add this line to the beginning of any Markdown document: ```html ``` and change the extension to `.html` or `.md.html`. When you open the file in a browser, you'll see nicely-rendered Markdown--no extra work required. View the source of this page to see an example. ## Features - **CommonMark spec** - **Inline HTML** - **Emoji**. For example, `:horse:` shows :horse:. - **Code syntax highlighting** via [highlight.js](https://www.npmjs.com/package/highlight.js) - **Heading anchors**. For example: [`markdown.horse/#features`](//markdown.horse/#features) - **Single external JS file**. Only requires one additional network resource. - **Works locally**. No HTTP server needed; local `.md`/`.html` files work great without being uploaded anywhere. - **Version-pinned**. The `integrity` attribute guarantees that the JS won't change later and inject ads or something. Old versions will remain perpetually available (barring security issues). ## Known issues - There's a [FOUC](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_of_unstyled_content) before markdown.horse loads. The JS asset has a `cache-control: immutable` header, so the FOUC doesn't normally appear on subsequent page loads. - If you use `